Tootie Two-Two Day

Happy Tootie Two-Two Day!


Better out than in, that’s what I always say! -Shrek

We have so much to celebrate. Every day of the year should be a holiday. Which is why I have decided to dub February 22nd (2/22), “Tootie Two-Two Day”… A celebration of flatulence.

Come on, we all do it! It feels good and it makes us giggle. Can you honestly say that you don’t crack a smile when you let go of a long-winded, chair rumbling fart? Never mind the aftermath. We should all be grateful for this God given gift. So, come out of the bathroom, quit blaming the dog (at least for the day), let the world hear your anal acoustics, and pass that gas!
Go ahead and cut the cheese, let ‘er rip, pull your finger, drop a booty bomb, sneak a SBD, give your spouse a Dutch oven, or break wind. Just don’t hold it in…not today!



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