Summer Any Time of the Year

My mom often tells this story of me when I was a little girl. She tells: “Brandi came home from school one day amazed and excited to reveal, ‘Did you know that there are places where it is always summer!?!? Why do we live in Kansas?'”
We often chuckle about that innocent realization. And, as it turns out I did move to Hawaii as soon as I graduated college. A wish come true, right? Well, yes, sort of. Hawaii is, was, and always will be my favorite place on earth, but not because of the weather. My marriage started there, my son was born there, our first dog, first house and SO many more happy memories. But, the thing about Hawaii that is MOST magical to me is the awakening I had as a young girl. That “aha” moment when I realized that the world is greater than your perception.
Years later, I have had many more “aha” moments about the nature of the universe, it’s magic, and our infinite potential. Now, I want to scream these realizations from my rooftop with the exuberance I felt about the juvenile revelation of places of infinite summer…”The universe is full of energy and potential and love and YOU can tap into it!”
What are we all doing hanging out here!?!? Let’s go THERE!!!”



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