Wabi Sabi Valentine

Kyler had an awesome moment yesterday morning. He and Elle were making valentines for Randy as I came down the stairs, Elle was crying…her construction paper cut- out heart did not turn out like she had hoped. Kyler picked it up and said, “Elle, just wabi sabi it!”
I watched him hold her heart up to his face…”it’s an awesome mask!”
She was like “yeah!!!”
And I was like “woo hooo!!!! Amen, Kyler! Wabi sabi!”

I learned the term “wabi sabi” from my dear friend, Sandie.
Wabi Sabi represents a Japanese view of the world that there is beauty in imperfection.
I have been teaching this to my kiddos as a means to be more accepting if themselves and what they view as their imperfections as well.
You see, we are all perfect in God’s eyes. If we can learn to love ourselves in each and every moment in spite of our mistakes, guilt, and fear, we will find it easier to love others for the “imperfect/perfect” beings that we all are!


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