I Choose Fun

New Year’s Day, 2014, I wrote one word on my hand: FUN. That one word represents my resolution to choose fun for the entire year.

Some may think that it’s a peculiar New Year’s resolution, when many people are choosing exercise or health.
And actually, that’s part of my point. Why are we choosing “exercise” and “health” when we could choose “fun”?
Guess what? When I started choosing fun, I started sledding with the kids, doing yoga with my friends, swinging on the monkey bars and climbing up the fireman’s pole at the playground…all very fun and (added bonus: good for my health!)
Once I started following my “fun” instead of the “responsible” thought processes I have been conditioned to think, I started listening to the voice of my soul.
I wrote a children’s book, (which, by the way is all about making routines fun for kids).
I taught our neighbor’s daughter how to paint en plein air.
Instead of thinking about vacations, I planned them…and took them.
I had a late night dance party with glow sticks with our kids and our friends.
I bought coffee for strangers at Starbucks (and found great joy in their perplexed looks as I pulled away in front of them at the drive-through).
I started turning boring every day routines, such as folding laundry, (something which I despise doing) into a game… How fast can I fold three baskets of laundry? 24 minutes (with no interruptions).
What on earth have I been doing for all of these years? Living in the mindset of life is hard? “Life is hard” is a bunch of B.S. (Bologna Sandwiches)!
Life is fun! You just have to CHOOSE to think that!
When I started following my fun, I realized that I was actually following the guidance of my soul. When you listen to your soul, you find your happiness and a whole lotta FUN!

The bible says, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”
I never quite understood this passage. However, now it makes a lot more sense. Children always choose fun. They are listening to the voice of their soul. When we choose fun, the outcome truly is heavenly!



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