Spread loving kindness

I just read chapter 4 of Pam Grout’s new book, E-Cubed.
One of the tasks in experiment #4 is to “Be a love bomber”.
In the experiment, you are supposed to leave “I love you” notes in random places, such as: inside a library book, on the sign in the subway, etc.

Over the summer, we got a new car. I post affirmations all over my car, in my glove box, mirror, etc. This is the affirmation I posted on the rear hatch:
It says, “I see and experience love everywhere.” Guess what this lovely affirmation attracted in my life…

One night, I was driving home from work and a car pulled out in front of me on K-10. Part of me wanted to give the driver the finger. However, written in shoe polish on the back window were the words, “I love you”. Some people would have assumed that a boyfriend wrote that on his girlfriend’s car or something, but not me. I totally interpreted that the message was written for me. I had to laugh and said out loud, “I love you too.”
It made me think that we need more signs on the back of our cars saying, “I love you”, just like Pam suggests in her book.
We need to spread loving kindness and what better place to do it than on our cars where we Americans spend a lot of time.
So, I went home that night and made this bumper sticker:

This all happened around the same time that the ice bucket challenge was really going viral.
I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if people were as excited about spreading love as they were about dumping ice on their heads?
So, I went so far as to include a website on the bumper sticker (spreadlovingkindness.org).
Anyway, I printed a bunch of cards with this “I love you” logo on them that I intended to pass out…but I haven’t yet done it yet. After I read chapter four, Pam put a fire under my pants to pass those babies out!
So, be on the look-out, world!
I am about to start spreading some loving kindness!

Also, if you haven’t you seen the movie, The Love Bomb, check it out: Love Bomb: The Movie
Dr. Rhea Zimmerman knows all about what it means to spread loving kindness.




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