At the heart of it all- is love.

When I said, “I do” to Mr. Russell Sprout, I acquired the most wonderful loving, supportive and compassionate husband. Plus, a patient, wise and fun father to our children AND (huge added bonus) a guy with a slew of kick-ass friends.
I mean, I really struck gold with my hubby’s buddies. These guys are a delicious mixed salad of hilariously funny, smart, supportive (I could go on…) and they are there anytime you need them. I love these guys.
I am feeling especially grateful for the witty, creative (although he denies this quality), compassionate, “Johnny V”.
This awesome marketing mega mind and consultant-extraordinaire, spent his Sunday afternoon helping me devise a business and marketing strategy for my Brussell’s Sprouts business.

As I was literally chopping Brussels Sprouts in my kitchen for dinner this afternoon, I was thinking about my business goals as Johnny V had guided me to do. I asked myself, “what is at the heart of my mission for this Brussell’s Sprouts business venture?”
(Side note: For those who don’t know, when you’re struggling with a decision, the best thing to do is to ask a question. I swear, every time I do it the universe delivers an answer almost immediately.)
I looked down into my pile of chopped Brussels Sprouts, and there it was:
Right there, two halves of Brussels Sprouts had perfectly aligned themselves to create a heart shape and I knew then…

at the heart of my business plan is love…duh-at the heart of everything is love!

Why would I run my business any differently?
At that moment, I realized, that this business plan will probably not look like every other generic business plan that you can read about on the Internet. My unique idea of a business plan is one with a foundation of love. Love for yourself and love for others.

The ideas and products grown through Brussell’s Sprouts will be rooted in love and cultivated with creativity, charity, compassion and kindness.

Just like those kick-ass friendships my hubby has grown (in the most tough, manly, fist-bumping way possible).

Wow, I am feeling so full of gratitude and love for the people I have in my life. And, judging from this huge pile of brussels sprouts, I’m going to be feeling very full of them later this evening too!

Thanks, Randy, for having seriously awesome friends (and sharing them with me).

Thanks, Johnny V, for the gift of your time and knowledge. I am so grateful for your expertise.

Watch out Law and Dries…I am hitting you up next for some financial guidance.



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