Uh oh, we are tuned in to a negative frequency!

When I came home from work tonight, it didn’t take long for me to realize that my family was dialed into a negative frequency.

We lost our baseball game.
I haven’t finished my homework.
I still have a ton of paperwork to do.

It escalated to a stubbed toe. Whining.
But, the straw that broke this mama’s back was when Grandpa called to tell us that Grandma was in the hospital. This had to stop.
Our family was surfing on some gnarly negative thought waves, and like flies on poo, we were increasingly attracting more and more negativity by the moment.
So, I took a deep breath (this should always be your first step-unless you are drowning, in which case, you should hold your breath) and resorted to my handy-dandy “frequency changing plan”.

Plan A:
Sing and dance crazy.
(when no one else joined in my jumping-on-the-bed, hip-shaking, roof-raising rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, I moved on to plan B).
Plan B:
Begin making juicy, loud, disgusting fart noises with your mouth and upper arm.
No one can resist cracking a smile at the sound of artificial flatulence. (Wait, did I just say crack?)
Luckily, my family couldn’t resist either, and before long, we were harmonizing arm-pit farts with double hand to mouth fart sounds.
It was musical and magical and thank goodness it worked because, well, I didn’t have a Plan C. By bedtime, we were laughing and smiling and happy to drift off into dreamland.

Next time you realize you are caught in a current of negative thoughts, try rising to a higher frequency with some crazy singing and dancing. And, if that doesn’t work, there is always Plan B.
Or, of course, there is always a song about farts. Caution: not for young children or anyone disgusted by flatulence.
My Bum Goes


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