How does it get any better than this?

It’s the first day of 2015. Two-thousand and FUN-teen is over. Now what? My intention to live 2014 having fun was a huge success…
I made new friends.
Connected with old friends.
Played and laughed with my kids.
Took vacations.
Sprouted creative ideas.
Materialized those ideas.
Celebrated ordinary days.
Wore funny costumes.
Snuggled my giant puppy.
Had slumber parties with my kids.
Took time for date night with my hubby.
Tried new things.
Learned new things.
Asked lots of questions.

It’s a question that I hold in my mind at the beginning of 2015…

“How does it get any better than this?”

One of the many things I learned this year is that when I ask questions, the Universe answers them.

It is with excitement and giddy anticipation that I look forward to how the universe will answer my question for 2015…
How DOES it get any better than this amazingly FUN 2014?

I know it does. I know it will. With a new book, a sprouting business, a trip to Hawaii and 364 1/2 days ahead of me to fill with amazing awesomeness…I know it can and will get better.
But the HOW (this is where the fun is hidden)…the HOW I am going to leave up to the Universe.

My hubby says, “You can’t have a question for your intention for the new year.” So, to satisfy him, and anyone else (including my children) who think a question is an unacceptable intention, I ALSO choose 2015 to spread loving kindness. I have learned that what you GIVE you RECEIVE. So with the intention of spreading my love and kindness, I hope to receive loving kindness as well.

Check out my website: where I will be sharing how I #spreadlovingkindness in 2015.
I invite you to #spreadlovingkindness this year as well and share your stories with me on Facebook.

With LOVE and KINDNESS I wish you a Happy New Year!



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