Mission P❤️ssible: Day 4

Spread Loving Kindness

Today, your mission is:
Leave a space nicer than it was when you arrived.


One of the messages I learned from my Girl Scout days is: “always leave a place nicer than it was when you arrived.”
Still, today, decades after those scout meetings, I make an effort to leave each place I visit a little nicer than it was when I got there.
I pick up toys after a playdate, throw away trash in the park, and steer a runaway grocery cart back into it’s corral. Every little bit makes a difference.
What will you do today to leave your space nicer than it was when you arrived?

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One Comment

  1. Miss Sunshine

    ahaha this post made me giggle a little bit, I have very long dark hair & my flat-mate recently told me that he finds it EVERYWHERE. I had never noticed it myself before but once he mentioned it, I was finding it everywhere too- oups! So I decided, out of respect for the fact that we live together (& that hair just isn’t the nicest thing to find lying around), to try and pick it up when ever I saw it. Within a few days, my friend was ever so happy with my newly made efforts & I felt good because I was being more considerate as a flat-mate! lol! Great idea again… xoxox

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