Don’t hate.  Don’t judge.

Any label someone gives you is a judgment.

You work too hard.
You talk too much.
You are too skinny.
You are a horrible mother.
You are a wonderful cook.

Each of these statements is a judgment based upon the individual’s own perspective.
We were not put on this earth to judge. We are here to discover who we are and what unique gifts we can share with others to make the world a better place.
You are not what anyone else defines you to be.
Only you know who you are. Because only you can hear the unique whisper of your soul.

The next time someone judges or labels you, try this:
Simply say, “hmmm…that’s an interesting point of view.”
It is an easy, non-judgemental way of saying “I hear you, but I am choosing not to argue about this.”
Take a minute now, and think about how many times a day you place judgment on others.

Her shoes don’t match that dress.
They should not let their child run around the restaurant.
His house is a mess.

Most of the time we only think these thoughts. But, thinking them can be just as nasty as saying them.
Instead of judging, try wondering.

I wonder if she has another pair of shoes?
I wonder why their child is running around the restaurant?
I wonder how their house became such a mess?

See how easy it is to transfer a statement of judgment to a question?
When we question and wonder, we expand our mind to other possibilities.

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