Why you should: Find your Fractals,  See the Seagulls, and Pay Attention to the Signs!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get my mind to shut up.   I am constantly thinking about what comes next or worrying about how I could’ve done something different in the past.  Sometimes, when I’m driving in the car I try to meditate in silence. However, it is very easy and tempting to numb our mind’s chatter with to all of this with the songs on the radio.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love singing in my car. And makes me so happy and is a great emotional release. However, I wonder, what am I missing when I am numbing my mind with the radio or the television?
You see, I have started to realize when I am aware and focused in the present moment, The Universe sends me little signs guiding me toward my intentions.
I am getting better every day. However, many days I feel like I am driving down a dark highway with the music blaring and my headlights out.   It is as if my fuel light has come on and I am in a panic to get to the nearest gas station as fast as possible.  In this state of fear, I am completely unaware of all the signs along my path guiding me where to go.
A fractal is a natural phenomenon that exhibits a repeating pattern.  It is something that is repeated over and over again in your life, a sign, a guidepost, telling you which way to steer.
I learned the term from a wonderful teacher, Jen Freeman. She explained to me that when we reflect on our lives, we can identify many fractals, or common themes that are consistently repeated.  When we become aware of these fractals or signs, we can feel more confident and moving toward our purpose.
I read an email today from Ramit Sethi.  In the message, he described signs or fractals as seagulls. He wrote:
“In the 1820s, a sailor wrote about his 3-month-long journey from Spain to America: “I love when I see seagulls, it reminds me we’re close to land”
In 1492, Columbus kept a diary of his voyage. In September, he wrote this:

“That day they navigated, on their westerly course, day and night, 20 leagues, counting a little less. Here those of the caravel Niña reported that they had seen a tern and a boatswain bird, and these birds never go more than 25 leagues from the land.”

In other words, he noticed the birds…and knew he was close to land.

You can use this principle in business and personal life, too. I call it The Seagull Theory.

The Seagull Theory describes how the subtlest of clues can signify you’re on the right track. For example, when someone says something once, you might not notice it. When you hear it again, that’s interesting. When you hear it three times, you lean in and start paying attention.

The universe is so amazing. It is constantly sending us signs to steer us on our divine course. However, we have to turn off the background music, turn on our headlights, and pay attention in order to notice the signs.
Let me give you an example:
Last week, a friend told me about an opportunity for therapists to travel to Peru to provide therapy for a community that does not have access to this type of healthcare. This is something I have always wanted to do with my husband (since we are both in healthcare).  I actually, put an image of it on my vision board this year.
I sent an email to get some more information on the Peru opportunity and that was it…at least that is what I thought.  However, I was really practicing being aware and focused and tuned in.  And since then, Peru has been popping up like a zit on a teenager’s face.
One of my favorite authors who I follow on Facebook posted this week that she will be traveling to Peru to give a seminar.  Then, over the weekend my neighbor told me I needed to try out a Peruvian restaurant nearby. (We were even talking about Peru-nor does she have any idea about my interest in traveling there.)
So, in less than a week, Peru came up three different times.
And maybe even more,Who knows what I might have missed while I wasn’t tuned in.
So, what does all this mean? Am I attracting Peru to me? Or, is the universe sending me signs about Peru?
When we increase our awareness, and quit numbing our minds with the tune of “uptown funk” for the umpteenth time that day, some pretty amazing signs start to appear. Signs that have probably been there all along, but we were just tuned in to Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson instead of our own divine rhythm.
Take a minute and reflect on your own life. What fractals can you identify? This week, make a conscious effort to become more aware and tune in. What signs do you see appear in your life? What seagulls are flying over your head giving you a little fly-by-hi squawking, “This way to land.”


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