The Source of Lower Back Pain…It’s Not What You Think.

I woke up yesterday morning with some intense lower back pain. Ouch! Normally, I would’ve chalked it up to an intense workout or yardwork. However, the previous two days had been leisurely and very relaxing…I took the dog for a walk. Tailgated before a college football game with some friends. Relaxed poolside with some neighbors at a barbecue. Meditated. Went to church. Nothing strenuous.  So, where on earth was this lower back pain coming from?

Anytime I am experiencing unexplained illness or discomfort, I turn to one of my favorite books, You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.

 I thumb through the colorful pages to the back of the book where there is an index of common ailments and their probable emotional cause.

 Found it!  Lower back pain: Fear of money. Lack of financial support. Ahhhh…That’s it.  Darn.  You see, I don’t usually pay much attention to money or our family finances. I have a rough idea of our family budget in my head and I stick to that (for the most part). However, my family recently entered into an entrepreneurial endeavor that requires me to pay closer attention to how we spend our money and the balance in our bank account.

The day before the lower back pain arrived, we had a little family business meeting about the state of our finances and the next steps in our entrepreneurial venture.  For the first time, in a very long time, I was required to take a conscious, evaluative look at our budget.  I didn’t want to. I personally like to live in the financial mindset that I am a money magnet and whatever money I need will come to me.  I know, some people are thinking “well, that’s just irresponsible–not paying attention to your finances, bah”. But, actually, it has been working quite well for me and our family. The more Inloosen my grip on our family cash, the more easily it falls into my palm.  It’s true!

For example, the time when we wanted to move from Hawaii to Kansas and someone miraculously offered us $15,000 over the asking price for our condo. Boom. Moving expenses covered.

Or, how about the time we got a new car and my hubby was able to sell his 20-year old truck for double the amount we thought it would sell for. Cha-Ching.

I’m not trying to be pompous. I am just trying to illustrate that when you live in the mindset that everything you need will be provided…it is! Metaphorically speaking: When you tediously count your pennies and hold tightly to your cash, your palms are clenched so tight that the money can’t easily fall back into your palms.

So, back to my lower back pain. For the first time in a long time, I let myself worry about money. My fists were starting to clench and I was counting our pennies.  And, low and behold, my body responded with a sign: back pain.

Stuff like this happens to people all of the time, but not everyone is aware of how emotional triggers can cause our body physical pain.

Now, I know this seems far-fetched for some of you. But, whether you’re buying into this “woo-woo” or not, I bet you are wondering, how I was able to fix it?

Great question. The answer is not in a bottle of ibuprofen. Meds will numb the pain, but won’t fix it.

The solution:  Change your thoughts. Change your life.

Easier said than done.

All day, I said affirmations and thought to myself, “I trust the process of life.  Everything I need is taken care of.  I am financially supported…I have everything I need right now…I have nothing to worry about.”

My back still hurt.  I was going through the motions, but I wasn’t “feeling it”.

I went to the bank that afternoon to deposit some checks. Now, let me tell you, if my back had not been hurting–

A) I would not have walked inside the bank. Normally I am a drive-thru customer. But, I was trying to move my body around and didn’t want to sit in my car any longer that day.

B) Hence, I wouldn’t have noticed a sign that said, “business banking accounts for entrepreneurs”.

C) I never would have had a wonderful conversation with the woman at the bank about financial steps for small business owners.

As it turns out, this woman was exactly who I needed to talk to. Thanks Universe (or God or whatever you want to call the force of love that created us). The lady at the bank gave me just what I needed and it wasn’t a back massage. She filled my brain with a boatload of information about financial planning for our business venture.  Stuff I had not thought even considered, but needed to know. I was meant to talk with her that day.  The back pain, the checks that needed to be deposited, the timing…it was all divinely orchestrated.  At least, that’s how I choose to see it.

The rest of the day, my mind was spinning around the ideas she shared with me.  When I pulled into my garage that evening it occurred to me, my back pain was gone!

My financial situation was still the same. NoTHING had changed. What changed where my thoughts. I had changed the way I chose to look at things.

I wonder, how often our physical ailments are caused by emotional triggers? Probably more often than we think. Maybe we don’t need to dig through our medicine cabinet next time we’re experiencing pain. Maybe instead, we need to ask ourselves, “What is it that is causing this pain?”

Oh, and guess what?  When I grabbed the mail out of my mailbox that afternoon, there was a $10 check inside!

I really am a money magnet.



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