The Step By Step Guide to Make a Weighted Blanket for $25.

The supplies to make this weighted blanket cost about $25. It took me three hours to complete. If you are a savvy seamstress (unlike myself) you might be able to finish even faster!

This size and weight is for a 40-pound child.

The formula to choose the weight is: 10% of the child’s weight plus one pound.

1. Purchase 3-yards of fabric. I used flannel fabric because it is easiest to work with (and it was on sale).

2. Wash and dry fabric, then iron out any wrinkles so the fabric lays flat.

3. Fold the fabric in half so the “pretty” sides are face to face.

4. Use a washable marker to measure out a rectangle size 48″x40″.

5. Trim off any excess fabric leaving a one inch border around the lines.

6. Pin the blanket together and sew along THREE SIDES ONLY of the blanket leaving one end open. (You will see two orange marks on my blanket–I made a mistake you don’t need to do this).

7. Trim away any excess fabric so there is about a quarter inch left over (again, ignore the second orange line on the left –that was my mistake).

8. Turn the blanket inside-out to reveal the bright colors on the outside. It should look like a giant pillowcase.

9. Use the tips of your scissors to push the corners out.

10. Make a secure trim around the edge of the blanket, by sewing along the perimeter 2-inches from the edge on three sides to create a trim.

11. Now it is time to draw the lines for the vertical stitches for the weighted blanket. Make a mark using a washable marker along the horizontal and vertical edges of all sides of the blanket every 4-inches. Use a yardstick to connect the dots and make a grid that you will use as guidelines for sewing the 4″x4″ squares of the blanket.

12. Once you have your 4″ x 4″ squares grid completed, you are ready to sew the vertical lines.

13. Sew along all the vertical guidelines until you have 9 vertical columns with openings at the top.

14. It’s time to fill the columns and sew the rows, one at a time. I purchased plastic pellets in bulk from BGBoards LLC ( for $25.99 plus shipping for a 16-pound bag.

15. Fill each of the nine columns with one shot glass full of plastic pellets. (If I had a scale, I would have weighed one ounce of beads for each column).

16. Shake all the beads to the bottom of the blanket.

17. Sew a stitch along the bottom row to seal the beads into squares. Continue doing this for all ten rows.

* be careful that you don’t get one of the plastic pellets stuck underneath your sewing machine needle. It will break it!

18. After you have sewn all the rows, it is time to finish the end.

19. Use pins to tuck the ends together.

Remove the pins and add one extra row of stitching…you don’t want any little pellets falling out!

20. Wash your blanket in the washing machine on the gentle cycle to rinse away any ink marks. Air dry. Enjoy!


And…if you dont want to make one, you can always buy one!


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