Brandi Russell

Brandi Russell, OTR/L: Occupational Therapist, Parenting Coach, Entrepreneuer, Author, Eternal Optimist... I feel blessed to live a life where I am able to leverage my personal and professional experiences to help others. It is my mission to inspire optimism, creativity, exploration, happiness and health in myself and others. I am ecstatic to bring my cheerful, energetic spirit to my newest venture – GRINSPIRED. I have practiced pediatric occupational therapy since 2002. I am currently licensed in the state of Kansas, certified by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, and a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. I am the author of a children's storybook, Snooze, which was inspired by my own children's naptime defiance. I wrote the book to help other families with the often challenging nap-time routine. I also co-authored and published a silly little book with my kiddos titled, We Love Grandma. I believe in the power of positive thinking. I am the co-founder of KIDabracadabra, an organization that teaches children to be aware of their thoughts, how to change their thoughts, and the power of what their thoughts can create for them. I am also the owner and co-CEO of Comfy Cup LLC, a business inspired by my son's unique invention. I feel grateful to live a life where I get to leverage my personal life experiences and unique creative talents to materialize products--helping other people live better.